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My philosophy

The beauty of the PsyQi concept resides in its simplicity. As every one of you knows, we are all gifted with a tremendous treasure, our psyche, and as a therapist, I made it a life purpose to learn how to navigate through its complexity. So years after traveling both the external and internal world, PsyQi was born. This philosophy considers that to truly embrace our human nature and find balance, we also have to encompass the life force that flows within us, traditionally called the Qi and also known as the Prana or the Ki. Combining our Western knowledge with the richness of Eastern awareness brings together two closely intertwined dimensions and the holistic understanding of health found in the PsyQi therapy therefore promotes self-actualization through somatic, mental, emotional, nutritional, archetypal, transgenerational, and transpersonal dimensions.

" Remember your mental health is your wealth "

" Find oneness in all your broken pieces "

" Surrender "

" Life knows "


" Less is the new more "

"  Fall in love with yourself first "

" Wearing your truth is all you ever needed "

"  Shine your light. Embrace your shadow "

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